Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Family Menorah Workshop

Last Sunday, October 27th, Kidstreet held its annual Family Menorah Workshop.  Every single menorah was unique.

No, that isn't a menorah disguised as a Pacman board.

Its a menorah disguised as a MS. PACMAN board.

Walk in with the idea for a deer?  We will help you make that happen...

Putting aside the fact that unless you have a kiln you can't make these at home, you also can't have the focused experience of creating with family.

No doorbells.  No clothes to take out of the dryer.  No interruptions to do that one thing you should do while its on your mind.

Just two hours spent on creativity in a positive environment with an instructor invested in turning your menorah ideas into reality.

What's next for these wonderful pieces?  They are currently drying...wet clay is no good for firing in a kiln...but will be fired this week.

These pieces are not just individual works of art.  They are also functional.  They have an important job to do in a couple of weeks and will be ready in time for Hanukkah.  We can't wait to post the completed picks before they're off to their homes!

To Be Continued...

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