Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kidstreet Camp 2013 Flashback: Inspired By Nature

Would you believe we are already in the planning stages for our 2014 camps?  There's little downtime for Kidstreet when it comes to our summer camps.

Periodically, we'll spotlight one of our 2013 camps/projects.  Today, its Inspired By Nature.  

The Inspired By Nature campers spent a day learning about Peruvian pottery, particularly the ceramics pre-dating the Incan Empire. 

In the absence of a written language, ceramics was not only functional, it also carried the stories of the people.  Instead of recreating battles and other events, they painted them on pottery.

Their more interesting pottery, however, were their realistic depictions of animals and people.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Can you imagine using pottery that looks just like you?
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

After learning and discussing this style of pottery, the campers got to work making their own coiled, Peruvian-inspired pots.  This was an all-day project, and the campers were very diligent and excited about creating their own pieces.  Animals were a popular theme.  Who wouldn't want to take home an adorable bunny, fox or panda?  

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