Monday, October 14, 2013

Spotlight on...Ghoulish Graveyards Family Workshop

In our family workshops, both kids and parents build their own pieces, side-by-side. Its a great opportunity for both the child and parent to be creative and eventually, have their own projects to display...and brag about to friends and family, of course!

Yesterday, October 13th, was the Ghoulish Graveyards Family Workshop. This was quite an industrious and gifted group.

We had a eclectic mixture of ideas and creatures.  The graveyards will be fired and ready before Halloween!


The fun is not just during the workshop.  Its also in awaiting the transformation of these glazed pieces into their shiny and colorful finished states.  What will these projects look like after firing?  We think...pretty spectacular.  Stay tuned...


  1. Awesome! Cannot wait to see what they look like after they are fired!

  2. Stay tuned...the creatures have escaped the blog post coming tomorrow!
    Thank you for your comment!


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