Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art Materials You Didn't Know You Had

In Roz Adam's "Build it Up" class, students ages 3 1/2-6 use many different materials to construct their tall masterpieces. For many of these materials, being used in an art project is a second job.

Some materials once held paper towels, some kept fragile items from breaking during shipping, and some kept "adult" grape juice fresh for mommy and daddy.

These types of materials are precious for young artists. They are open-ended and not manufactured to be used in a specific way. They can be colored with markers, painted, or covered with tape. And best of all? They are FREE! Non-precious materials are wonderful feeders of imagination. Artists of all ages can cut, tear, color, and attach without the concern for how much the materials cost.

Most of us have a space for recycling in our homes, so why not create a box of these free art materials for your child to use? Egg cartons, cardboard tubes, juice and milk caps, and Styrofoam packing material are just a few possible items that will keep your kids inspired. And those melt-able-with-water packing peanuts? You can dab the end on a wet sponge, stick them together on a piece of cardboard and make entire cities and giant creatures! To complete your recycled art materials area, give your kids access to scissors, string, and masking tape (regular or colored), and your child will get busy making cities, animals, and planes for their other toys or pets. My favorite activity as a 9 year old? I loved turning boxes, string, and paper bags into habitats and play areas for my cat. My cat really loved it, too.

Want additional inspiration? We have a new class beginning May 4th called "Recycle the Day Away" in which students ages 5-8 learn about recycling and transform items that are typically thrown into a landfill to create personal and unique works of art.

Happy creating everyone!
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