Friday, April 17, 2009

The warm weather is on its way...and we hope it's here to stay!

It's been a while since our last post and a lot has happened here at Kidstreet since then. One event was our first Parent Workshop hosted by myself, Melanie, and Glynnis. It was made up of a small intimate group of parents and teachers. For two hours we worked with clay in a process-oriented way, discussed ways to nurture children's creativity, drank coffee, and talked about different clay techniques and ideas. Parents were sent home with some reading material about how to talk to kids about their art, and a great recipe for making your own clay/playdough at home. It was a great first workshop, especially when we got to hear from the parents about their interests, questions, and even concerns about their child's artistic development. For the parents who attended, thank you for participating!

And coming up soon...
We're beginning to put together a small reading area in the "Yellow Room" kids studio. This will be a space for children to read books, draw, and talk with each other when they're done with an art project, or just want time to relax after class. If you have any books you and your children would like to donate to the new reading area, we would be so appreciative! New or used, we welcome any kind of book...just drop it off in the reading corner of the Yellow studio, or leave it at the front desk for Melanie & Quinn!

We'll keep you updated with the new reading area progress and the next (FREE!) Parent Workshop!
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