Monday, November 18, 2013

The Family Menorah Workshop - Fired Menorahs

The work that goes into our family workshops is a mixture of preparation and enthusiasm.

First, the demo must be designed.  In the case of The Family Menorah Workshop, the instructor, Shira Leon, created a menorah even a child with little clay experience could make, but it was still a concept that allowed everyone the freedom to personalize.  

It must be a menorah that won't tip over and hold candles without a problem, which meant monitoring the rate of shrinkage of the clay as the first demo dried to find the correct candle holders.  

Then the day of the workshop arrived, and people amazed us with their creativity and the ideas that came through the door..."I wish I would have thought of that!"..."I can't wait to see how this fires."  (and that's us talking)

The unloading of the kiln.  Word getting around to come take a peak..."Have you seen them?"..."Oh, they look so good."

The pictures.  The packing.  Picked up by their people and gone in a day.

Sigh.  On to the next workshop.

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