Friday, June 26, 2009

Camp is in full swing!

Hi!  So far, the kids here at camp are creating beautiful works of art...and this is just the beginning of summer!  Please see the new Kidstreet sign below, designed and painted by the children in Lauren's is truly an amazing piece of collaborative art.  (And personally, I think this should be printed on the next batch of Kidstreet t-shirts)

I just finished teaching an unbelievably spectacular week of camp.  The children in the AM Red Room studio worked so hard on all kinds of projects.  Two of the most inspiring seemed to be our Matisse collage study, and the anti-smoking extravaganza.  The Matisse study turned into a full-blown performance with paper puppets, performed for over 35 people (the children made and distributed tickets to the other camp classes).  I might be able to show the video footage we captured during tomorrow's Open House (12-5pm at Lillstreet!).  
The anti-smoking project was motivated by the children's dissatisfaction with people smoking near them at lunch-time on Wednesday afternoon.  The entire group picked up their lunches and moved away from the smoke in the air, and just a moment later an anti-smoking club was formed.  Please feel free to view the activist art work made by the children in response to their disapproval, just beside Lillstreet Art Center's front steps.   

Enjoy the images documenting these fantastic child-prompted, elaborate, fun, and inspiring art projects!

The Anti-Smoking Club:

The Matisse study and preparation for "Icarus in the Sea":

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